Stationery Supplies

Welcome to Stationery Supplies, a peek into the treasures of my desk and drawers – my thoughts, observations and recommendations of my favorite handwriting and calligraphy tools.

Though we are not talking classic reviews, I hope my descriptions will inspire and help you choose the supplies that suits you the best.

Fountain Pens

My first choice for everyday handwriting is the fountain pen. Combined with a profound passion for pens one easily ends up with quite a collection…

For further introduction, please visit the page of ‘Fountain Pens’.


I’m drawn – by the sense of the content and the beauty of the bottles, and though one might think of perfume, we’re talking ink, as in lots of ink.

Please visit the page of ‘Ink‘ for an introduction to my favorite bottles.


Looking for the perfect nib?

Please have a look at ‘Nibs for dip pen calligraphy’, for a few words about my favorite nibs for dip pen calligraphy.


Molotows Blackliners are my absolute favorite fineliners.
The grib is smooth without edges. The tip lasts remarkably long, does not require an upright position to write and and leaves a long lasting black line with no feathering (on most paper anyways).


Firm, effective eraser from Stálogy removing pencil lines cleanly with little debris and no paper damage.

A little hard to find, but worth the trouble.

Pencil sharpener

As you might have noticed I am drawn by lovely materials, quality and elegance, superior design and functionality.
The One Step Blackwing pencil sharpener has it all, making the process of sharpening your pencil a moment of meditation. The weight, the sound and feeling while sharpening – even turning the cap for emptying is a joy, and if you wear out the blade, you can get replacements, what’s not to like?


It says Blackwing on almost every pencil of mine. Most importantly because they write like no other pencil, so sensationally smooth, but the design is no dealbreaker either. I just can’t resist the stylish colors of the hexagonal cedar barrels, topped with an excellent and exchangeable eraser, placed in a shiny metal casing, making it beautiful and functional while contributing to a great weight balance.

Four core Blackwing pencils

Blackwing has 4 main models with various degrees of smoothness:

Blackwing Natural with an exposed cedar barrel and an extra-firm graphite core working well for detailed line work.

Blackwing 602, the iconic gun metal grey pencil featuring a firm and smooth graphite core delivering “Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed”, as it says on the barrel.

Blackwing Pearl with a pearly white outside and a core of graphite softer than a 602, but firmer than a Matte.

Blackwing Matte which is black and matte has the softest graphite core, leaving the most beautiful dark lines.

The Volumes

Besides the 4 basic models, Blackwing offers the Volumes; limited editions released every season and always accompanied by a great story of people, places or events. If you have a collector’s genes you should definitely watch out…