Cursive Handwriting & Calligraphy Practice – Printable download


Cursive Handwriting and calligraphy practice – printable download – a guide and workbook sharing my enthusiasm and experience for handwriting and calligraphy with you.


In the guide you’ll be introduced to cursive writing and how to turn it into calligraphy with flexible pens and a slight modification to the cursive letters. 

Practice the basic strokes of the letters and rehearse uppercase and lower case letters, numbers and words with the practice sheets which come in separate files, to be printed as many times you need. 

Furthermore an overview is included so that you don’t have to browse through the sheets while you’re writing and just want to refresh the shape of a single letter. 

With faux – or ‘fake’ – calligraphy you can obtain the calligraphic appearance with any writing instrument. This gives the opportunity to write on any surface and make e.g. place cards on stones, wooden signs or maybe personalize your hairbrush. 

If you want to add some extra romance to your letters, both cursive writing and calligraphy can be upgraded with swirls and curls also known as ‘Flourishing’. 

Last but not least you will receive a selection of guidance lines. These can be placed under your paper of choice to provide support while writing. 

I’m no fan of neither rules nor long reads, thus in this guide I tell you what works for me while keeping it quite short. 

50 pages total for download and print. 


Choose paper compatible with your pen or ink of choice for the work sheets and consider one sided printing for the best experience.  This applies particularly to the calligraphy practice sheets, as brush pens and especially fountain pens/dip pens rarely work well with ordinary printer paper. 

Tools and supplies

The cursive writing part doesn’t require any special tools – a pencil is enough to get you going. 

In order to get the most out of the calligraphy part you will need a writing instrument with a flexible tip/nib, such as a brush pen, a dip pen or fountain pen with flexible nib or a writing brush. The easiest tool to begin with is the brush pen. 

Faux calligraphy can be made with anything from chewed-up pencils to fountain pens – at least the practice part, after which you can upgrade to fineliners in different sizes. 

If your letters are going on other surfaces than paper you’ll get the best result with purpose-made pens. If you want to start up with just one type of pen an acrylic marker with a fine tip is a good all-round choice that will handle anything from stones to Christmas ornaments.

This is the third edition – June 2022.

Video – cursive writing

Lower- and uppercase letters written with Blackwing 602 pencil.

Video – calligraphy

Lower- and uppercase letters written with Pentel Brush Sign Pen.



Cursive Handwriting & Calligraphy Practice – PDF files for download and print (A4).

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