Nibs for dip pen calligraphy

Index – Brause No. 29 FE

I love the appearance of this nib and despite of the fact that I rarely use it for writing, it has a distinguished place on my desk. The design is made for monoline lettering and due to the large reserve of ink it has a great range. Unfortunately I find it a bit too scratchy with a tendency to capture the fibers of the paper.

Cito-Fein – Brause No. 46

Shiny gold colored nib with a 0,3 mm wide point. A monoline writer, capable of a little bit of flex, adding a touch of life to the lines. Due to the wide point and limited flexibility, great variety is not obtainable.

L’Ecoliere – Brause No. 65

The nib provides great flexibility but still offers some resistance, making it easy to control. The exquisite flexibility combined with the fine pointed tip gives great line variation and due to the excellent flow, a usable ink capacity and a non scratchy feeling when writing, this nib is one of my favorites.

Arrow – Brause No. 66 EF

A very small nib, not compatible with all pen holders. Despite the size, it runs quite smoothly, the ink capacity is incredible and the flex outstanding. It takes a bit of practice to handle – too much power and it will leave all the ink in one place, but once you get the hang of it – ohhh boy.

Due to the design it is a bit challenging to clean, but absolutely worth it and one of my favorites when in need of writing small.

Rose – Brause No. 76

The most flexible nib I have ever had my hands on and thus quite delicate in use. You need no more than thinking about adding pressure and the line width expands heavily. When you need a wide range of line variety, this is the nib for you, but be aware of the amount of control needed to keep the width of a stroke steady and uniform.

Brause – No. 111 EF – VINTAGE

A great pen with a wonderful flexibility. Sharp and a bit scratchy but the variety between fine and bold lines is lovely.

Steno -Brause No. 361 – ‘Blue Pumpkin’

The ‘Steno’ or ‘Blue Pumpkin’ is quite popular. It has a fine flexibility and only requires a little pressure to produce a nice bold line. In addition it runs very smoothly, but I never managed to make it run very far in a single dip.

Another nib that goes under the name of ‘Blue Pumpkin’ or ‘Steno’ is the Leonardt 40. It looks a lot like the Brause 361 but due to higher flexibility it is harder to control, making the 361 a better choice for beginners.

Brause No. 511 & 513

Besides number and color (the 513 being blueish), the small nibs are very much alike, both scratchy and flexible, the 511 a bit more than the 513 on both parameters, making the 513 my first choice.
They both create beautiful line width variations and holds an unexpected amount of ink, size considered. By the way – due to size, the nibs do not fit all pen holders.

A nib to consider when you want to write small.

Leonardt No. 30

Quite a long nib with great qualities. Even though the nib is pointed and creates fine crispy lines, the nib runs smoothly – and combined with a magnificent flexibility the nib offers the most beautiful line variations and holds my highest recommendations.

Steno – Leonardt No. 40 -‘Blue Pumpkin’

A very flexible nib that takes a light hand – a little too much pressure and the ink will leave the nib all in one storke. Though once you get acquitted with the nib, the results are truly beautiful, with great line variety.

It looks a lot like the Brause 361 nib, but on account of the larger flexibility of the Leonardt 40, the 361 is better suited for beginners.

Leonardt No. 256

A wide nib with some flex. Even without pressure it leaves quite a line and good bit of ink. Conveniant if you want to write a bit bigger.

Nikkopen – Nikko G

Long, fine crispy pen with a modest flex generating a limited line width variation. Visually almost identical to the Kuretake No. 3, but more scratchy in use.

Kuretake No. 3 – G-nib – Superior

Quite hard, but still flexible with a very fine non scratchy tip. Due to the firmness, the variation between fine and bold lines is a bit more modest than the result of more flexible nibs. If that’s what you are looking for, this is a great nib.