Too clumsy to become a pilot, I started med school and stayed for like a bachelor and then some, not realizing I was climbing the wrong ladder.
A little star changed my world, and when I was lucky to become a mom again, I left the ‘med-ladder’ without looking back.

While enjoying our kids, my love for calligraphy and letters grew into a business of handwriting and lettering on everything from invites and place cards, to eggs, stones, pots, boats, balloons and a lot of Christmas balls.

Art prints

As time went by, my passion for art caught fire and I teamed up with the amazing poster company Permild & Rosengreen, where all my art prints are available.

All designs are hand lettered, and if you follow me on PinterestInstagram or Facebook, you will be the first to know when a new piece is released.

Black and white

To me staying within the black and white range contributes to an elegant, timeless look, being both modern and classic, feminine and masculine and compatible with other interior designs. The posters can be mixed to obtain a larger creation, and combined with black and white photos, apply an extra personal touch to the wall.

Let’s connect

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