Welcome to a peek behind the scenes of a small business, with me actually dancing when you connect, like or purchase my design.

I’m crazy excited about pens and calligraphy, and wrapping words and quotes in calligraphic art and design, making posters for home decoration or a gift for a special someone.

Calligraphy and me

When I was 13, calligraphy and I hooked up and we have been together ever since.

Through time I have had the opportunity of writing for private and company customers throughout the world.

Name and date, handwritten on 978 invitations over a weekend makes an impression though and in 2021 my hand and I agreed to leave commissioned work and concentrate on my great passion for posters.

Printables – why?

A printable is a digital file (PDF) you purchase, download and print limitlessly for your personal use.

For fast and easy access, most of my designs are printables, saving time, costs and carbon footprint by skipping shipping.

Due to terms, files are yours only, but by all means, turn the print into a great gift – throw it into a frame and nobody will ever know if you fixed it five minutes before party time.


As nothing beats the smell of ink and the sound and feeling of the pen playing on paper, an original piece now and then sneaks up on me – if you follow me on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, you will be the first to know when a new piece is released.

A special thanks

There would be no business without the help of my family – my husband Christian, my daughter Ingrid and my son Frederik. They take part in practicalities, but first and foremost they encourage and inspire me every single day for which I am very grateful.

Let’s connect

If you like to get or stay in touch, please join me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook – @christinakorsgaard – or sign up for my news mail right here.

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